TTN's mission is to build confidence, curiosity, and connection in the next generation of global citizens through travel.

Teen Travel Network is more than just a tour: In addition to discovering some of the world's most exceptional destinations, student travelers are invited to explore new ideas and set meaningful goals based on their travel experience. You'll travel like a pro while exploring like a local! Students spend from 10 to 14 days traveling, connecting and learning as a cohort.


Programs thoroughly explore a single country, region or state--you'll be amazed at how much you can see and do in two weeks! We'll leave no UNESCO World Heritage Site unturned. In addition, TTN emphasizes the small things that make a place unique: learn a traditional technique for baking incredible Italian pizza or the secrets of the stage in London's West End. Let loose with a beach day, kayaking excursion or night at the circus. It's all about balance!

  Check off bucket list locations: The iconic Eiffel Tower, expansive Angkor Wat, bustling Times Square and mystical Machu Picchu await!


  Go off the beaten path: Whether we are learning to cook in the home of an experienced chef in Vietnam or enjoying lunch on a family-owned olive farm in Greece, TTN brings you beyond what you may experience on a typical "tour."


  Book the flights that work for your family: Use airline miles, fly a preferred carrier or prioritize budget.


  Connect with local teens: Many TTN programs feature a day with students from a nearby high school--chat with peers who live locally and learn about what it means to be a young person in that community.


  Tuition includes all activities, lodging, meals and transportation while on the program.


  Travel with confidence: TTN's impeccable safety record, detailed protocols, experienced staff and a 24/7 hotline demonstrate our comittment to safety.