Schools & Organizations

Why Partner with Terra as a School or Organization?

Education transcends classrooms. Terra Education believes in immersive learning experiences that challenge, inspire, and mold young minds. As a school or organization, aligning with us ensures you're offering your students the world as their classroom.

Learning AFAR, in partnership with our nonprofit arm, the Global Leadership Adventures International Foundation, sponsors meaningful travel programs around the world for underserved students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to participate in one of our programs. This kind of partnership is another way schools and organizations can benefit from our expertise in the field on behalf of your students and staff. Check out this video about the impact this partnership had on a remarkable young man who attended one of our immersive travel programs in West Africa.

Benefits of the Partnership

  Tailored Programs: Custom-crafted experiences that align with your institution's ethos and educational objectives.


  Safety and Assurance: A promise of safety, with risk assessments, 24/7 assistance, and robust safety protocols in place.


  Holistic Growth: Our trips offer a blend of curriculum-based learning, life skills development, and cultural immersion.


  Administrative Support: End-to-end assistance, from planning to post-trip evaluations, ensuring smooth and efficient trip execution.


  Sustainable Travel: Teach students the essence of responsible travel, embedding values of sustainability and global citizenship.


  Offer your students a world of experiences, broadening horizons and creating lifelong learners.