SSB's mission is to help students increase their self-awareness so they can make decisions about college selection, academic majors, and careers that reflect their personal vision for success.

Get a leg up in your field of interest while getting a taste of campus life at a top university campus. These two-week programs located at some of the nation’s leading colleges and universities -- as well as some international campuses such as Oxford -- focus on hands-on learning, career exploration and college prep. Choose from one of over 30 academic tracks taught by accomplished professors.


Summer Springboard was founded with the aim of fostering self-discovery: we believe that knowing what makes you unique is crucial in reaching academic and personal goals, and profoundly impacting the world around you. Beyond acadamic immersion, SSB offers guest speakers, insight into the higher education admissions process and the opportunity to explore different electives. Students live in residence halls with roommates for a truly collegiate experience. Students who live locally can also participate as Commuters to take advantage of the academic components but return home each afternoon.


SSB also offers virtual academic and internship programs through our Online Academy options. Take your learning to the next level from the comfort of home--or anywhere with internet access.

  Learn from world-class instructors: SSB instructors are masters in their fields and bring experience, insight and a passion for teaching to our classrooms.


  Get hands-on experience: Complete real-world projects, observe projessionals in action and visit sites related to your academic track both on and off campus.


  Live like a college student: Get a feel for life after high school--experience the residence hall, explore campus and get to know the area at one of the most prestigious universities in the country (or world!).


  Sharpen your networking skills: Meet students and staff from around the country who share similar professional goals.


  Explore career options: Take a deep-dive into your strengths and possible future fields of study through True You sessions and discussions geared toward self-discovery.


  Get to know a new city: Get off campus and explore what your host city has to offer through a city tour, beach day, theme park visit or all of the above.


  Boost your college applications or resume: Demonstrate to prospective schools that you are productive with your free time while developing your academic skills.