Safety & Risk Management

Learn how we prioritize safety and security of participants and staff at all levels


At Terra, we value the health and safety of participants and staff at the highest level. We have developed program and trip policies and procedures that allow us to operate in the safest manner while simultaneously managing and reducing risk wherever possible. Effective risk management calls for constant reevaluation, assessment and research.


Our dedicated Risk Management team utilizes industry networking, third-party consultants and internal and external reviews to create policies and procedures designed to mitigate risk and promote a safe environment. We are proud to be industry leaders when it comes to safety.


On our teen programs, we maintain strong student:staff ratios and require that our staff pass a rigorous interview process and background check. Each travel program has an extensive emergency response and evacuation plan in place. All of Terra Education's companies provide 24/7 hotlines while programs or trips are running to ensure that participants and families can access assistance in the event that they need it.


Safety & Risk Management Information by Segement


For specific safety information on each segment, please check out the Safety & Risk Management Hub or FAQ on the company website. While each division's policies are particular to their location or industry, Terra's impeccable safety record speaks to our dedication to participants' wellbeing.

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