GLA's mission is to inspire the next generation to realize their potential to transform the world and their unique role in it.

GLA incorporates community service, immersive learning and adventure into every program, lending a strong sense of purpose to student travel--and giving each student a stronger sense of their own leadership potential. In its nearly 20 years of operation, thousands of students have returned from their experience changed for the better: more motivated, better informed, inspired to make change, more well-rounded citizens of the world.


Learn about culture, language or a special area of focus through different program themes. For example, study marine conservation while working with sea turtles in Costa Rica or explore concepts of medicine and public health in rural Peruvian communities.


Serve the community through meaningful volunteer efforts developed in conjunction with GLA's local partners. Our initiatives are geared toward teen volunteers and designed to help the community where it is needed most while fostering connection. Programs offer between 15 and 60 certified community service hours.


Explore sites of significance and let loose with adventure excursions: get to know a community or country through its unique natural and cultural offerings. Zipline through the rainforest, whitewater raft through towering canyons or snorkel in vibrant coral reefs; explore hidden waterfalls, go on safari or gaze at the iconic Machu Picchu.

  Broaden your horizons: Travel overseas (or within the US) and make friends with like-minded peers.


  Earn community service hours: You will earn between 15 and 60 community service hours depending on the program and duration.


  Explore a passion: Choose from several program themes to bring your knowledge to the next level or get hands-on experience in a field of interest.


  Choose your ideal dates in summer or spring: Sessions are 8 - 21 days and run June - August, with additional Spring Break dates in March and April.


  Make a meaningful impact: GLA is a long-standing leader in international community service programs for teens and young adults


  Enjoy small group sizes: Most of our sessions have 10-30 students; participants are grouped into smaller teams to encourage connection.


  Tuition includes all activities, lodging, meals and transportation while on the program.


  Travel with confidence: GLA's impeccable safety record, detailed protocols, experienced staff and a 24/7 hotline demonstrate our comittment to safety.